Non Resident Importer Case Study: Can You Relate? 

A company selling a unique set of products has struggled to sell into the Canadian market.  While domestic sales are growing strong, Canadian sales are hurting. US sales $10M+…Canadian sales <$100K. Why?

A discussion with said company revealed a lot of things….

Their target customers in Canada (consumers, small distributors) are not importers as a normal course of business.

The present costs of freight and customs clearance for an order to Canada are almost as much as the products themselves.

They give no clear indication of what the above costs are or when the actual delivery will be made to them.

Summary…They have the product but do not have the most effective way to distribute and tap into the Canadian market.

It hurts - competitiveness, appeal, accessibility, sales, and profits!!!

We painted two possibilities for the Canadian market as a Non Resident Importer….



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